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Lumbrical Muscles of Hand: Hand and Finger Pain

The lumbrical muscles of the hand contribute to pain in the back of the hand and the fingers. Pain in the index finger and/or the little finger are most common. Stiffness in the finger joints mimics arthritis pain. Stiffness and pain when opening and closing the hand is also common.

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Opponens Pollicis Muscle: Thumb Pad, Thumb, Wrist Pain

What pain and symptoms are associated with the Opponens Pollicis muscle?   Pain is felt on the inside of the thumb Pain is felt in the wrist just below the thumb Pinching using the thumb and fingers is painful Difficulty holding objects between the thumb and fingers such as pens, pencils, needles for hand sewing or knitting Wrist pain is…

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Extensor Indicis Muscle: Hand and Finger Pain

The extensor indicis muscle contributes to pain in the back of the wrist, hand, and the index finger. The pain will often feel like you have sprained or strained the back of the hand. It can also cause charley horse like cramps in the index finger.

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