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Temporalis Muscle: Headaches, Head, Cheek, Teeth, Pain

Pain on the side of the head around the ear, in the eyebrow area, cheek and upper teeth can signal temporalis muscle dysfunction What pain and symptoms are associated with the temporalis? Pain at the side of the head in front, above or behind the ear] Pain in the eyebrow area Pain in the cheek…

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Masseter Muscle: Jaw, Eye, Ear, Pain, Sensitive Teeth

The masseter muscle can contribute to many areas of pain in the face and head. It often mimics sinusitis. What are the pain and symptoms associated with the masseter? Jaw pain Teeth that are sensitive to hot, cold and/or pressure Pain under the eye and over the eye (often diagnosed as sinus pain) Pain deep…

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Soleus Muscle: Heel, Ankle, Calf, Knee, Low Back Pain

The soleus muscle can cause and contribute to pain in the heel, ankle and back of the knee. It can also cause pain in the low back on the same side of the affected leg. Dysfunction of the soleus muscle can also contribute to swelling in the foot and ankle. Occasionally a trigger point the bottom and outside of the muscle can contribute to pain in the jaw and side of the head.

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