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Extensor Indicis Muscle: Hand and Finger Pain

The extensor indicis muscle contributes to pain in the back of the wrist, hand, and the index finger. The pain will often feel like you have sprained or strained the back of the hand. It can also cause charley horse like cramps in the index finger.

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Rotator Cuff Subscapularis Muscle: Frozen Shoulder Pain

Severe deep pain in the back of the shoulder along with an aching band of pain in the back of the wrist are definite signs of subscapularis muscle dysfunction. What are the pain and symptoms associated with the subscapularis muscle? Severe pain deep in the back of the shoulder Pain in the back of the…

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Serratus Posterior Superior Muscle: Breathing Difficulty

Pain under the shoulder blade, pain in the elbow point and pain in the wrist extending down into the little finger can indicate serratus posterior superior muscle dysfunction. What pain and symptoms are associated with the serratus posterior superior? Deep aching under the shoulder blade Pain in the low point of the elbow Pain in…

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