Hip Muscles

Piriformis Muscle: Back, Hip, Buttock, Pelvic, Thigh Pain

What symptoms and pain are associated with the piriformis? Low back pain at the base of the spine Buttock pain Hip pain around the hip joint Aching pain, burning or tingling sensations down into the back of the thigh which occasionally extends into the lower leg and/or sole of the foot Pelvic pain Difficulty or inability…

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Gluteus Maximus Muscle: Low Back, Hip, Tailbone, Buttock Pain

What pain and symptoms are caused by the gluteus maximus muscle? Low back pain Outer hip pain near and or around the joint Pain around the tailbone Pain and burning in the buttocks Increased pain when walking uphill or up an incline Inability or increased pain when you bend over to touch your toes Where…

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Gluteus Medius Muscle: Belt Line, Hip, Buttock, Thigh Pain

What pain and symptoms are associated with the gluteus medius muscle? Pain in the lower back around the beltline Pain in the hip Pain in the buttock Pain can extend down the outside of the leg Pain can extend into back of the leg Pain when lying on the affected side Pain will prevent sitting on the…

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