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The Wellness Digest Helps You Find The Source Of Your Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is complex. Where you experience the pain may not be the source of your pain. Using the diagrams below, click on the diagram where you are experiencing the pain. On the next page, find the muscle that most resembles your pain pattern. You do not have to experience all the pain and symptoms for that muscle to be the culprit. Toward the bottom of the page are a list of muscles that you should also consider. Keep in mind, there may be more than one muscle contributing to your pain. It may take some patience and time to figure out which muscles are the source of your pain, but stay with it, the relief will be worth it!

Head and Neck Muscles
Spinal Column Muscles
Chest Shoulder Upper Back Muscles
Arm Muscles
Hand Muscles
Abdominal and Low Back Muscles
Groin and Hip Muscles
Upper Leg Muscles
Lower Leg Muscles
Foot Muscles

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Muscle Anatomy

This section was set up for therapists, trainers, students, and others interested in muscle anatomy. The information includes where the muscle originates and where it inserts, in other words where the muscles connect to bone, tendons, and ligaments. The agonist and antagonist muscles are listed for each muscle movement. Muscle innervation and blood supply are also listed.

Head and Neck
Cervical Thoracic Lumbar
Shoulder Chest Upper Back
Abdominal and Low Back
Hip Anatomy
Arm and Forearm
Hand Anatomy
Upper Leg
Lower Leg
Foot Anatomy