Are You Experiencing Muscle and Joint Pain?

  • Is your lower back making everyday tasks difficult?
  • Are headaches making it hard to think and function?
  • Do you have other areas of unrelenting aches and pain?  
  • Do your attempts to treat the pain often fall short?

Have you considered that even though you are treating the painful area, you are not treating the primary source of your pain?

The Wellness Digest Is Here To Help You Find The Source Of Your Muscle Pain

Low Abdomen and Low Back Muscles

Chest, Shoulder, Upper Back Muscles

Spinal Muscles

Head and Neck Muscles

Upper and Lower Arm Muscles

Hand Muscles

Hip Muscles

Upper Leg Muscles

Lower Leg Muscles

Foot Muscles

Muscle Origin, Insertion, Innervation, Actions

This section is tailored toward students, medical personnel, manual therapists, personal and athletic trainers.  Here you will find attachments, innervation, and blood supply of the muscles most commonly treated manually. Also listed are the agonist and antagonist for each muscle action. A great resource for reference or study. 

Abdominal and Low Back Muscle Anatomy

Chest, Shoulder, Upper Back Muscle Anatomy

Spinal Muscle Anatomy

Head and Neck Muscle Anatomy

Upper and Lower Arm Muscle Anatomy

Hand Muscle Anatomy

Hip Muscle Anatomy

Upper Leg Muscle Anatomy

Lower Leg Muscle Anatomy

Foot Muscle Anatomy