About The Wellness Digest

My name is Donna Martin. I am massage therapist and owner of The Wellness Digest.

I started The Wellness Digest in 2010 as a resource for clients, friends, and family. I wanted to help others understand the complexity of muscle pain. The Wellness Digest has now become a resource for people all over the world to research and understand the interconnection of muscles and body pain. Be sure to read How To Find Your Muscle Pain to learn the various ways to search for information.

Life Past and Present

I have spent most of my life working with horses: show horses, pleasure horses, and race horses. I have also:

  • Massage Therapist (12 years experience)
  • Writer and researcher for health and sports sites
  • Developed and ran a successful Internet home décor store
  • Designed commercial, business and personal websites
  • Been a bookkeeper


In 2000 I became the main caregiver for my Grandad. During that time, my focus shifted to health and quality of life issues. In 2006 I completed the certification to become a massage therapist.  I am a now massage therapist, and  owner and writer for this site.

A few things I have through the healthcare school of hard knocks:

  • To question everything, diagnoses, treatments, and prognosis.
  • Sometimes the tried and true treatments don’t work.
  • Sometimes doctors make mistakes.
  • Just because you see and hear the same things repeated over and over does not mean that it is true.
  • Published studies, clinical research and clinical trial results can be skewed most often by the media, and sometimes by the people conducting the study, research or trial.
  • Over-medication is more common than we think.
  • Compelling anecdotal evidence can be a good enough reason to try an unconventional treatment when conventional treatment is not working.
  • There are a lot of shysters out there pushing cures for everything from hang nails to cancer.
  • Alternative methods can be healing, but can also do harm and even be deadly.

The Three Important Lessons I Have Learned When It Comes To Health

  • Everything in the body is connected. Dysfunction and pain in one area of the body will affect other areas of the body. This applies to muscles and soft tissues as well as your vital organs. A pulled muscle in the back of the thigh will often cause knee, hip and lower back pain and stiffness that continues long after the injury has healed. Dysfunction in an organ affects the whole body often causing fatigue, pain, stiffness and a general feeling of blahness.
  • Every body is different. Each body handles stress, illness, injury and life in its own unique way. Each body reacts to treatments, medication, vitamin regimes, diets etc. differently. What works for a friend or a stranger on the Internet may not work for you. This is true for standardized medical care and alternative care.
  • For a total health, the whole body must be considered and treated. Finding the primary problem and treating it is of course priority. But treating secondary symptoms must also happen to restore health.

I am neither a doctor basher nor a medications are evil person.

Doctors are good, medical advancements are amazing, and medications save lives. However, doctors, medical treatments and medications are not the begin all and end all  when it concerns your health.

I am not a holistic and alternative guru.

There are many alternative treatments that have been proven or show  evidence  of  being beneficial for health.  Some are preventive / maintenance  measures and others are treatment options that have helped people.  There are alternative methods that some individuals believe helped, while others find it did not help.  And unfortunately there are many unscrupulous scammers out there pushing “magick potions and devices” that are dangerous and bring the credibility of the entire alternative / complementary medicine industries into question.

TWD:  Main Focus Is Muscle, Joint and Soft Tissue Injury and Dysfunction

I study muscles, they fascinate me! I have 1,800 hours of additional training in massage and other health related matters. I am always researching studies, trials, and publications to find new as well as old methods and treatments that might help someone. The Wellness Digest will provide an avenue bring together this information, the medical, the alternative as well as holistic so you can see there are options available. Because my area of study is muscle and soft tissue function, these will be The Wellness Digest’s major focus. However, I will also bring you other health news that is important and interesting. Remember all what affects one area of the body effects the body as a whole!

Many things I bring to you will be controversial, and will be decried by either the medical or alternative health communities since these two groups cannot seem to come together. In fairness I will do my best to present all sides.  My goal is not to tell you what to do, but to help you realize that there are options. If you have any questions please send it through the Contact Form.

Donna Martin

Texas Massage License #MT104883