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Piriformis Muscle: Low Back, Hip, Buttock, Pelvic, Thigh Pain

The piriformis muscle contributes to pain in the low back, buttocks, hip, and thigh. The pain is often a deep ache and can be tingling with sharp “electric” sensations. Walking is painful and you will tend to have a shortened stride. Sitting is uncomfortable and you will tend to squirm and wiggle around trying to ease the discomfort.

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Peroneus Tertius Muscle: Low Leg, Ankle, Heel Pain

The peroneus tertius muscle can cause and contribute to pain in the lower leg bend where the leg, ankle and foot connect. Pain is often felt on the outside of the heel. If your ankles are weak and have a tendency to buckle, you should check this muscle for trigger points and tightness. A classic sign of peroneus tertius dysfunction is pain worsens with each step.

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Soleus Muscle: Heel, Ankle, Calf, Knee, Low Back Pain

The soleus muscle can cause and contribute to pain in the heel, ankle and back of the knee. It can also cause pain in the low back on the same side of the affected leg. Dysfunction of the soleus muscle can also contribute to swelling in the foot and ankle. Occasionally a trigger point the bottom and outside of the muscle can contribute to pain in the jaw and side of the head.

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