Masseter Anatomy

Masseter Origin, Insertion, Action, Innervation, Blood Supply

Origin: Superficial portion: from the maxillary process of the zygomatic bone, and the anterior two-thirds of the inferior border of the zygomatic arch.
Deep portion: from the deep and medial surface of the zygomatic arch
Insertion: Superficial portion: the angle and ramus of the mandible.
Deep portion: upper half of the ramus and the lateral surface of the coronoid process of the mandible.
Actions: Clenching the teeth
Innervation: Branches of the mandibular portion of the trigeminal nerve
Blood Supply: Branch from the facial artery

Primary Actions of the Masseter

1. Closing of the mouth

2. Clenching of the teeth. Secondary action

3. Assists with retraction of the mandible (deep portion)

Masseter Referred Pain PatternFor pain and symptom information see: Masseter Muscle: Jaw, Eye, Ear, Pain, Sensitive Teeth