Orbicularis Oculi Anatomy

Orbicularis Oculi Origin, Insertion, Action

Origin:  Palpebral part: to the medial palpebral ligament and adjacent bone on the medial side of the orbit.

Orbital part: to a slip of bone adjacent to the orbit on the orbital process of the frontal bone, to the frontal process of the maxilla, and to the medial palpebral ligament between the two bony areas
Insertion:  Palpebral part: into the skin of the eyelids, blending with levator palpebrae superioris and continuing on to the lateral palpebral raphe.
Orbital part: into the skin surrounding the orbit and blending with adjacent facial muscles
Actions:  Closes the eyelids
Innervation:  Temporal and zygomatic branches of the facial nerve
Blood Supply: Branches from the ophthalmic artery

Primary Actions of the Orbicularis Oculi

1. Closes the eyelids