Gluteus Minimus Anatomy

Gluteus Minimus Muscle

Origin: Outer surface of the ilium, between the anterior and inferior gluteal lines, and the edge of the greater sciatic notch
Insertion: Anterior surface of the greater trochanter of the femur
Actions: Abduction of the thigh, internal rotation of the thigh
Innervation: Superior gluteal nerve (L4, L5, S1)
Blood Supply: Superior gluteal artery from the internal iliac artery

Primary Actions of the Gluteus Minimus Muscle

1. Abduction of the thigh at the hip


  • Gluteus maximus (upper fibers)
  • Gluteus medius


  • Adductor longus
  • Adductor brevis
  • Adductor magnus (anterior part)

Tensor fasciae latae and sartorius assist with abduction of the thigh at the hip.

2.  Internal rotation of the thigh at the hip


  • Tensor fasciae latae
  • Gluteus medius (anterior fibers)


  • Obturator internus,
  • Obturator externus
  • Gemellus superior
  • Gemellus inferior
  • Quadratus femoris