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Pronator Teres Muscle Pain

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    The pronator teres is a muscle in the front of the forearm. The muscle contributes to pain in the forearm and hand. Trigger points can cause pain in the wrist and thumb and numbness and tingling in your hand.

    Pronator Teres Muscle

    Where is the Pronator Teres muscle located?

    The pronator teres connect the upper arm bone (humerus) to the small bone of the lower arm (ulna).

    What Movements Does It Control?

    • It twists (rotates) the arm so the palm is facing down toward the ground.
    • It helps bend the elbow.

    Interesting facts:

    The pronator teres sometimes puts pressure on the median nerve in the arm. This can cause numbness in the hand and is sometimes diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Looking for agonist and antagonist for each muscle action? Visit: The Pronator Teres Anatomy Page


    Pronator Teres Muscle Trigger Points Symptoms:

    Pronator Teres Referred Pain Pattern
    • Pain is felt on the inside of the wrist near the thumb and sometimes extends into the base of the thumb.
    • The pain may extend up the inside of the forearm to the elbow.
    • Inability to cup the hand due to pain.
    • Numbness in the hand.

    What Causes Trigger Points To Develop In The Pronator Teres?

    • Movements that require a tight grip with a twisting motion at the wrist
    • Tennis
    • Golf
    • Typing for long periods of time
    • Loosening screws with the right hand
    • Tightening screws with the left hand

    Pronator Teres Muscle Trigger Point Treatment

    The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook can help you treat wrist and thumb pain by teaching you the techniques to find and eliminate trigger points. Author Clair Davies explains the trigger point phenomenon and muscle pain in everyday language. But what makes this book worth its weight in gold are the individual muscle trigger point treatments that Davies has compiled. His diagrams and step-by-step instructions help you locate which muscles are contributing to your pain, how to find the trigger point, and treat it.

    If you are going to use the workbook, you will need a massage ball to do the treatment. Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls can be used on muscles throughout the body.

    Another option is to find a massage therapist, physical therapist, or chiropractor with trigger point therapy training to show you how to find and treat the specific TrPs.

    Trigger points respond best to several 1-2 minutes treatments spread throughout the day.

    Keep On Hand For Quick Treatments

    Freeze Sleeve Cold Therapy Compression Sleeve is recommended by medical professionals to treat injury and over-use soreness. The sleeve provides total circumference cold therapy and compression that other cold treatments do not offer. The sleeve slides on and features material that can be worn on bare skin, allowing you to be mobile during treatment. 

    Support the Elbows to Prevent Pain
    The Nordic Lifting Elbow Support Sleeves provides excellent support but also because it is comfortable to wear. The sleeves do not bind or limit mobility, and they stay in place. The sleeves are available in 4 sizes. If you deal with elbow pain or need some extra support for tennis, golf, or other activities, this sleeve is what you need.

    Compression Gloves for Hand Pain

    Whether the pain in your hands is caused by trigger points, a muscle injury, or arthritis, compression has been shown to help with pain relief. The Imak Compression Arthritis Gloves are some of the best on the market.

    The gloves provide gentle compression, which helps decrease both pain relief and inflammation. The seams of the gloves are sewn to the outside so you will not have irritation or discomfort. The fingers opening is reinforced so that they will not fray with wear or during washing.

    To determine your size, measure straight across the widest part of your palm. Extra small: up to 2 3/4 inches wide. Small: up to 3 1/8 inches across. Medium: up to 3 1/2 inches across. Large: up to 4 inches across. Extra-large: up to 4 1/2 inches across.

    Compression Brace for Wrist Pain
    The Neo G Medical Grade VCS Wrist and Thumb Support provides adjustable wrist support and compression to the wrist. The brace allows full movement of the hand, fingers, and thumb while supporting the wrist. An excellent choice for those who need wrist support but need full mobility of the hand and fingers.

    Muscles With Similar Pain Patterns

    Pronator Quadratus
    Flexor Pollicis Longus

    Pronator teres muscle pain and symptoms can be similar to, contribute to, and be affected by these medical diagnoses:

    • Lateral epicondylitis
    • Tennis Elbow
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • C6 or C7 radiculopathy

    Be sure and check these muscles if you are experiencing pronator teres symptoms

    Muscles including the pronator teres that contribute to or are affected by these conditions
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 

    For Instant Pain Relief Consider:

    Sombra Warm Therapy Gel is recommended for relaxing muscles and relieving pain. It warms without the burning heat of other gels. One of the best on the market for aching stiff hands. (Not sold in stores)

    Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel is an excellent pain-relieving gel recommended for those who have sudden onset muscle pain or recent injuries.  It is better than warm therapy gels and creams for muscle pain caused by inflammation as it cools the area much like ice. If your pain is from a recent injury, use Biofreeze. It is excellent to use on sprains, strained and sore muscles and joints.