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Buccinator Muscle: Cheek, Mouth Teeth Pain

The buccinator muscle is located in the cheek. It can contribute to pain in the cheek, upper teeth and mouth. The pain in the upper teeth often feels like an abscessed tooth. It can also cause pain while chewing and difficulty swallowing.

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Semispinalis Capitis Muscle: Neck and Head Pain

The semispinalis capitis muscle pain is often felt as a band of pain around the top of the head. The muscle also contributes to pain in the back of the head and in the eye and temple areas. It can also contribute to tingling and numbness in the scalp.

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Soleus Muscle: Heel, Ankle, Calf, Knee, Low Back Pain

The soleus muscle can cause and contribute to pain in the heel, ankle and back of the knee. It can also cause pain in the low back on the same side of the affected leg. Dysfunction of the soleus muscle can also contribute to swelling in the foot and ankle. Occasionally a trigger point the bottom and outside of the muscle can contribute to pain in the jaw and side of the head.

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