The biceps brachii is a muscle of the upper arm. If you have pain in the shoulder, crease of the elbow, and a feeling of weakness in the arm, you should check the muscle for trigger points.

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    Where Is The Biceps Brachii Muscle?

    Biceps Brachii Muscle Showing Trigger Points Location

    The biceps brachii is a two-headed muscle that connects the shoulder blade (scapula) and the upper arm (humerus) to the forearm (radius).

    What Movements Does It Control?

    • Bends the arm at the elbow
    • Rotates the arm so the palm is facing up
    • Assists in raising the arm at the shoulder

    For detailed muscle anatomy: Biceps Brachii Anatomy Study


    What Pain and Symptoms Are Associated With The Biceps Brachii Muscle?

    Biceps Brachii Referred Pain Pattern
    • Pain in the front of the shoulder
    • Pain in the crease of the elbow
    • Weakness in the arm
    • Difficulty straightening arm with palm facing down
    • Difficulty raising your arm above your head
    • Pain at the top of the back of the shoulder (between the neck and shoulder joint)
    • Unless there is a recent injury to the biceps muscle, pain is seldom felt directly in the muscle.

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    What Causes Trigger Points In the Biceps Brachii?

    • Lifting heavy objects
    • Chin-ups, Pull-ups
    • Playing the violin or cello
    • Repetitive twisting of the arm with the elbow bent, i.e. using a screwdriver

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    NatraCure Hot/Cold & Compression Shoulder Support provides both heat and cold therapy. Heat the gel pack for shoulder arthritis pain or use it cold for shoulder and upper arm injuries. This is recommended to treat the biceps brachii muscle because it will treat the muscle tendon at the shoulder and the muscle belly in the upper arm.

    Biceps Brachii Trigger Point Treatment

    Trigger points develop in two locations in the biceps muscle, and you will need to check both areas. You will also need to check for satellite trigger points that develop in other muscles.

    You can learn how to find and treat these trigger points with the help of The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. The workbook will guide you through finding and treating trigger points throughout the body. The workbook is recommended to all interested in learning about TrP muscle pain.

    To treat the triceps and other arm muscles using the workbook, you can use the knuckles on your hand or a massage ball. TWD recommends the Kieba Massage Balls. It is a set of two balls that can be used to treat many areas of the body.

    Another option is to find a massage therapist, physical therapist, or chiropractor with trigger point therapy training. They will teach you how to find specific trigger points as well as self-treatment methods.

    Trigger points respond best to several 1-2 minute treatments spread throughout the day.

    Sombra Warm Therapy Gel is recommended for relaxing muscles and relieving pain. It warms without the burning heat of other gels. An excellent choice for pain caused by trigger points, muscle/joint over-use and stiffness, and arthritis. If you have reoccurring muscle cramps or pain, you should keep Somba on hand; it provides almost instant relief. (Not sold in stores)

    Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel is an excellent pain-relieving gel recommend for those who have sudden onset muscle pain or recent injuries.  It is better to use than warm therapy gels and creams for muscle pain caused by inflammation as it cools the area much like ice. If your pain is from a recent injury, use Biofreeze. It is excellent to use on sprains, strained and sore muscles, and joints.

    Interesting facts about the biceps brachii muscle

    • The most important function of the biceps brachii is it allows us to lift and carry objects without pulling the shoulder joint apart.
    • Violinists and cellists often develop trigger points in the biceps.

    Clinical diagnoses to which the biceps brachii muscle symptoms may contribute:

    • Bicipital tendinitis
    • Subdeltoid bursitis
    • C5 or C6 radiculopathy
    • Shoulder pointer


    Other muscles that should be considered and examined in conjunction with the biceps:

    Satellite trigger points associated with the muscle:

    If you find trigger points in the biceps you will want to check these muscles for additional trigger points.

    • Supinator
    • Brachialis
    • Triceps Brachii
    • Anterior Deltoid
    • Supraspinatus
    • Upper Trapezius
    • Coracobrachialis


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